Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NSLU2 Icecast Server

I've got an Icecast server set up on a Linksys NSLU2 server so I can experiment with various audio tools without annoying the Hak5Radio bunch. I've stuck the notes for "installing OpenWRT on the NSLU2" and "Icecast on the NSLU2" in the wiki.


  1. Hey, Nice Blog, hope you're getting a lot traffic :)
    I was trying to look at the Icecast on the NSLU2 wiki but I found nothing, so I was wondering if you still have that guide or if u can route me in the correct path to achieve the goal...

    Rod Moncada:. /GT

  2. Sure. I've been a bit lazy in reposting the older articles to wiki. They're there now, in the Hardware section.

    Both articles are about 4 years old. If you need help, I can work through the process again and update the notes.

    - Tim