Sunday, October 1, 2017

What was I reading in September 2017?


- Perl as PID 1 under Docker - How to shut down gracefully
- The real prerequisite for machine learning isn't math, it's data analysis
- The Ultimate List of Youtube Programming Channels - Sometimes you need more than CS50 (Yeah! I said it. Whatchya gonna do about it?)
- A.I. Bias Doesn't Mean What Journalists Say it Means
- The Mathematics of Machine Learning
- Lu Ban's Axe and Working with Your Chinese Suppliers
- Mastering Bayes
- Comcast sues Vermont to avoid building 550 miles of new cable lines


- Learning Python without Library Overload


- Is systemd's hand-rolled Desktop-Bus-over-SSH tunnel a security worry?


- Understanding Crypto Regulations - Multicoin Capital
- What every software engineer should know about search


- Patching is hard; so what?
- Deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements - Anyone else frustrated with the terms "legacy" and "deprecated"?
- Programmer's guide to the Computer Networking galaxy


- 2017 NSA Codebreaker Challenge
- NSA Launches 'Codebreaker Challenge' For Students: Stopping an Infrastructure Attack - Slashdot
- We've failed: Pirate black open access is trumping green and gold and we must change our approach
- Equifax Releases Details on Cybersecurity Incident, Announces Personnel Changes


- Introducing Keybase Teams
- Equifax Breach: Setting the Record Straight
- Learn from your attackers - SSH HoneyPot
- The Mysterious Origins of the Phrase 'Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire'
- A Brain Built From Atomic Switches Can Learn
- DuckDuckGo: The Solopreneur That Is Beating Google at Its Game
- Welcome to the World of Software Defined Radio


- Engineers have found a way to 3D print super strong aluminum
- The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason


- Huge Ethereum Mixer


- Pipe Logic
- We seem to be getting stupider and population ageing may be why - Before you get into lengthy discussions about how old people's brains are slowing down, this also implies that you younguns just aren't holding up your end of the stick. :P
- Search online courses from edX, Coursera, Udacity, and more
- The Princess Bride Turns 30: Rob Reiner, Robin Wright, and Billy Crystal Dish About Making the Cult Classic - 30 years? Inconceivable! (Someone had to say it.)
- Amazon Increases Production Spending for 2018, Developing Three New Sci-Fi Series
- Why You Shouldn't Slog Through Books
- The Inside Story of Equifax's Massive Data Breach
- Crypto Classics: Wiener's RSA Attack

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