Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm considering converting the wiki from MediaWiki to PMWiki. The main reason for doing this is ease of backup. Also, there's just too danged many features on Mediawiki that I'm not using. I'm imagining that by using a flat-file system, it'd be much more portable. Thoughts?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Apologies for being offline this past weekend. Took my wife to VIR in Alton, VA (about a 4 hour drive). Was able to get her into the passenger seat of a high-end Beemer. Watched her orbit the track at about 180 mph. She says she forgot to breathe.
I took a much saner approach (not by much) and rode in the pace car. Learned that it's possible to return from a lap with more rubber on the tires than when you left. Also learned that, contrary to what it looks like on TV, the pace cars aren't really travelling all that slow (yikes!).
Also got to play with my camera and took a couple hundred pictures. Most of them were crap (I'm still a rank amateur) but some turned out nice. Spent part of yesterday playing with Hugin, stitching together a couple panoramic pics. Just by looking at them, I want to go back and take them from much better vantage points. Maybe next year? Wife says she definitely wants to do this again.
In any case, I'll get back to working on Asterisk code and playing with MythTV in the next few days.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I busted my hump in the month of September. Seriously, I worked very hard during that month! So much so that I never want to repeat it again. Maybe I'll try to put a few things off to only two months before a deadline vice all in the same month?

In any case, a couple things are coming up to counter the affects of last month. For the personal side, I'm celebrating my birthday by taking my wife to VIR and putting her in one of the pace cars (thanks Aaron!). (She's the race fan.) Mebbe in the next year or so I can swing an autograph with Tony S. for her (I grew up near Watkins Glen and went to school with one of the Bodine brothers).

On the technology side (to those in the VPN), thanks to my finally settling on a document management system (Alfresco) and digging in, you may notice that there's no storage space left on the server. To counter this, I'm laying in an extra TB of drive space: 500 GB this weekend, another the next. In short, the main server will be offline for at least part of Sunday, if not also Monday, and then again next weekend. As always, services will come back online piecemeal as I, or volunteers (hint!), reinstall them.