Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Liquidsoap update

I'm starting to think that LiquidSoap is to audio as Perl is to text. I had a bit of fun annoying the extremely early morning listeners on Hak5Radio with misc. Creative Commons music, while reading up on some of the syntax. In addition to being able to stream to Ice/Shout/Peercast servers, it can also stream directly to your hardware (i.e., your soundcard).

I can attest that chaining Sky.FM-->SlimServer-->LiquidSoap-as-a-player works very nicely. Even the metadata being passed across from Sky.FM is handled properly, and neither processor got below 95% idle on the dual core, even with all of the other crap I run on the box (SageTV, fetchmail, etc.). That's saying a lot as it appears that both Slimserver and (possibly) LiquidSoap are doing a bit of transcoding on the fly. The one drawback to this so far is SlimServer's built-in delay (5 or so seconds). I'll need to read up on that.

It's obvious that simulcasting (rebroadcasting/redirecting) a stream is going to be simple. I need to play with the mixing features now (think "periodic jingles" mixed into an open conference call). If I can come up with an interface to Asterisk, you can consider me as having thrown IDJC in the round file.

Oh! If anyone's interested (and for my own notes), the syntax is

liquidsoap 'out(input.http(""))'

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