Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I've had a "really horrible experience" in getting IDJC up and running. No matter what I've tried to do, anything that I stream contains a quantity of very annoying sound artifacts (at one point, it could have been a helicopter outside of my window).

In attempting to troubleshoot IDJC, I discovered a new streaming tool called "LiquidSoap". To quote the website, it is basically a "general purpose audio streaming tool, designed as a script language, which allows you to build complex webradios".

While the toolset is still considered to be in development, I was able to get streams going via a local radio site (okay, hak5radio) in 30 minutes of installation/reading, vice the 2 months of on and off frustration with IDJC.

In reading some of the docs, there's quite a few interesting features: on-the-fly transcoding/normalization, misc. scheduling features, drop-on-live-input, an IRC bot interface (with input!), and even a (in-development) touchsreen interface. Definitely something for the home theater enthusiast that likes to tweak his/her own stuff!

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