Saturday, October 31, 2015

What have I been reading this week? (20151031)


- Seven Things I Did To Reboot My Life - WIL WHEATON dot NET
- How I won $5000 at a Facebook hackathon without a single line of code


- Reading and writing are less symmetric than you probably think
- Write Like You Talk


- A Penny for Your Books
- Please Do Not Steal My Code, Mock My Analysis, and Present My Ideas as Your Own
- More ways to Wi-Fi with the new ASUS OnHub
- The Thirty-Seven Basic Plots According to a Screenwriter of the Silent Film Era
- Making Sense of Dell EMC VMware


- What Happens When You Enter the Witness Protection Program?
- License Plate Readers Exposed! How Public Safety Agencies Responded to Major Vulnerabilities in Vehicle Surveillance Tech
- For the First Time Ever a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man
- Caution: Copy-Pasting URLs from Google Search can Leak Previous Searches
- Landmark for Hidden Services: .onion names reserved by the IETF
- The military lost control of a giant unmanned surveillance blimp
- Inside the Secretive World of Elite Wealth Management
- VC Guru Fred Wilson Hints The Blockchain Could Create the Next Google - Blockchain News


- Scientists identify main component of brain repair after stroke


- From the Them's-Fighting-Words Department: BusyBox removes support for systemd

Above was generated by a homegrown bolt-on script for Wallabag, which is a free utility for capturing web content so that it can be read later.

Dem's fightin' words!

Stated in a recent Busybox commit message (last week):

"remove systemd support
systemd people are not willing to play nice with the rest of the world. Therefore there is no reason for the rest of the world to cooperate with them."
Yikes! (heh)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Your name will be taken...

Wow. So it appears that the cypherpunk mailing list now has a "mailing list etiquette violators list". They've actually been a bit nasty to each other on the topic.

What amazes me is that so few see the humor/irony in the existence of such a list of people. I guess it's time to leave the list. It's no longer interesting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Gleebox recipes

I've pushed a few more Gleebox recipes to Github. These include:
  • up - causes browser to navigate up one level in the URL
  • top - causes browser to navigate to the top level in the URL
  • gbm - sends the URL for the current page to Google Bookmarks
  • shell - opens a gnome-terminal on your desktop
  • proxy - enables or disables the desktop's proxy settings (assumes Kali or Ubuntu)
The "restart" command appears to be broken in the most recent version of Chrome (I think it was an experimental feature).  If anyone actually wants it, I can attempt adding it as an external feature (it might be a bit contrived).

Friday, October 9, 2015

Auto-focusing the tags field in SemanticScuttle

Following is probably only important to people who use SemanticScuttle in conjunction with keyboard browser navigation tools (e.g., Gleebox). In short, this is a tweak to SemanticScuttle that causes the "Tags" field to be focused when the pop-up window appears.

I think that the original author intended for this to occur in any case, as the word "focus" is in the field declaration. It may have later become non-functional after a tweak to HTML (1.1?) or Chrome. 

In any case, in your SemanticScuttle folder, find data/templates/default and edit the file called "editbookmark.tpl.php". Find the line that contains "echo T_('Tags');". Two lines below that should be a HTML form input field with the name value of "tags". In that line, change "focus" to "autofocus" and the SemanticScuttle popup should function as intended.