Monday, March 21, 2011

Reply to all

Note to the whole effin' planet:

Method for Replying to Messages Sent to "All Users"

1) Click on "Reply" vice "Reply to All".

2) Check the list of recipients before hitting send. If recipient is a distro address, delete it and enter the address of the ONE person who sent you the email.

3) Type in your message. (Note: this step cannot be performed before #2 as doing so encourages you to not check recipients before #4.)

4) Click "Send".

== End of Tutorial ==

Warning!!! Anyone who sends "Stop replying to all" messages to the "All User" distro will be added to my short list. When I come to power, QWERTY keyboards will be outlawed and you will be forced to use 14.4K dial-up. (Dvorak keyboards and 10-second connection negotiations should slow you down enough to check things before hitting "Send".)

Bah! To heck with it...  You're all on my short list.

Friday, March 4, 2011

SHA-3 competition - round 2

For the crypto types: NIST has published the "Status Report on the Second Round of the SHA-3 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition". Short version:
  • five finalists remain
  • comment period for round two is one year
  • finalist to be chosen some time in 2012
The report discusses how the five were selected from the fourteen from round one. For those that worry about it, Skein (the one that has Bruce Schneier as a team member) is still in the running.