Sunday, July 30, 2006


My thanks and apologies to family and friends for any of my social/professional vagaries, committed in the last 8 weeks. I'd managed to sign up for back-to-back classes on Monday and Wednesday nights (never again) and the resulting class load left me tired for most of the rest of the week. (The weird part is I'd get a regular night's sleep on Thursday and be raring to go on Friday, just when everyone else is winding down.)

In the two days since the semester's end, I've managed to re-install a content manager and have started work on the "wl" pages in the wiki. I still owe work on the Kismet/Perl pages and a whole slew of stuff for friends. Not to mention a slowly growing collection of wireless toys that I haven't been able to touch in the last 8 weeks.

In any case, I rec'd an "A" and an "A-" (blew two questions on the test). I can relax for a few weeks before the process starts over, though I'm likely to scale it back to only 1 class. (I need the sleep!)

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