Saturday, July 8, 2006

NSLU2 update2

Scott Prive asked how my NSLU2 was performing nowadays. Here's a synopsis:
  • For serving video, the NSLU2 works nicely. However, the current hardware-based media players suck. For playing stuff recorded with the PVR-250, it works nicely if you're careful about the resolution that you're recording at. (The network (wired or wireless) becomes the bottleneck.)
  • Other hardware may be the problem. Neither the DLink DSM-320 nor the MediaMVP can play MP4's (something that needs to work as I have a lot of conference videos).
  • As a web or IMAP server, I feel the NSLU2 is somewhat marginal as the amount of data that have for both (10+ years of email) is large.
  • Using the NSLU2 for more than one purpose is likely to not work well. Employing them as single-purpose servers will probably work best.
  • If you're asking for a recommendation for a network media server/player, I'd recommend saving your cash or (possibly) buying a Mac Mini. I haven't done the latter (yet) but have hopes for it due to its having a much more powerful processor.

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