Saturday, July 1, 2006


What was the name of that song? "Numb?" The local shock jocks had a parody of it called "Dumb" in which they sang about the week's idiots. The song ran for the entire summer with new versions every week.

The reason it comes to mind is this article about how the Catawba County Schools is suing Google because the Google spider grabbed some documents containing SSN's. Even more painful is the judge allowed the injunction (the judge should have sought expert help prior to issuing the injunction).

Why dumb? Because it'll come out in the wash that the School was neglegent in maintaining the security of their web server. Even dumber: the school is now subject to civil damages of up to $3M, (619 students x $5000 x instance), but no one seems to have caught onto that yet.

And I'll have to agree with Martin McKeay, "Why is a school still using SS #'s to identify their students?"

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