Monday, February 21, 2005


I finally have the house network switched over from LinkSys's firmware
to OpenWRT's. So far, it has a lot less load issues (less junk running
on it) and I'm able to separate the wired from the wireless in-house
networks. Things I learned in getting the system up and
  • RTFM - it helps to read the docs and the stuff available
    on the website (especially the part about what happens if you hold in
    the reset button while power cycling)
  • most of your custom
    changes goes in S99done, NOT S10boot!
  • trying to
    stand up an additional AP is harder than replacing the original
  • keep notes on everything, draw a basic network diagram and
    label the interfaces
  • have a backup copy of a working
    firmware before you make any changes
  • extra cables come in
  • installing the tcpdump package as early as possible helps
  • and, again, RTFM!

I have a request to all
the other OpenWRT users --> document how you did it so the rest of us
can benefit (I'll post mine shortly).

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