Saturday, February 26, 2005

Convergence or just more trouble?

What's-her-face (I hate the show) just had her sidekick hacked and
numerous "stars" were inconvenienced or lost part of their "privacy".
The local news show did the usual sensationalist "what can hackers get
from your cell phone" bit.

I just wanted to make a comment that things
are only going to get worse as we buy personal video players with
wireless capabilities and camera cell phones with Internet capability.
The politics are only going to get worse also.

As an example, there's
a group in DC called "Enough is Enough" that is upset that Congress has
not prevented Playboy from making their content available via WAP.
Seems that parents are concerned what their teenagers can download with
their Internet-enabled cell phones.

Ten points to anyone who can come
up with what parents should do if they're actually concerned what their
children do with cell phones.

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