Saturday, February 5, 2005

Friday night

Got here safe and sound, after getting lost in downtown DC twice (why didn't anyone tell me that you can't make any turns off of K street!) (you have to get in the service lane).

In any case, the con started nicely. Bruce Potter gave the opening speech, embarassing both his wife and his mother. (If Heidi blushed any harder, she'd probably fall over.) Bruce needs more hecklers (he can handle 'em). He introduced the rest of the Shmoo Group (that were present). Anyone missing was declared "at the liquor store" by those plants in the audience.

Although Brian Caswell's (AKA Cazz) talk on autoloading Snort rules amounted to watching someone show off a script, it was entertaining and evoked some thought. Brian needs fewer hecklers but the argument over crypto was funny.

It was a bit scary seeing Tina Bird wander through the audience with her CAT-5 of nine tails. The guys in the front row were having a good time with the Guiness and shots. Rodney needs to get over the little things.

Sightings include: the Shmoo Group (of course), various of the Ghetto Hackers, Dark Tangent (who autographed at least one book at the Culture Junkie stand), various acronym'd people and 757. I haven't seen so much leather, hair (or lack of), and body piercings since the Friday night when I was stranded in Port Authority (NYC).

Immediately after the scheduled talks, Tina was seen with a group in tow, headed into town. People that were interested in the whip? Where were they going?

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