Friday, January 21, 2005

Who protects the Internet?

A 10-year old asked Susan,
"Who protects the Internet?". She and Dana Epp
have addressed parts of the answer. Having "been there", I would like
to add another.

There are also loosely knit groups (organizations?) of
system admins, network admins, and security officers. Some are nothing
more phone numbers on a call list, others are semi-elite groups which
require at least two members to vouch for a newcomer. I actually miss
being part of that "network", having been promptly culled after
switching jobs.

Believe or not, there really are Morlocks under there,
keeping the lights on and the network from collapsing under its own
weight. On the next SysAdmin Day, consider giving a gift certificate
from the local sub shop to your security geeks too (they're probably too
busy to be able to go out to lunch as a group).

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