Sunday, January 30, 2005


Following are bloggers and others that have stated intentions to be at
Shmoocon (in no particular order):

  • Beetle (so says beetle) (err... he's a member of the Shmoo Group)

  • Grant Stavely (JokerBone) (he
    wants a t-shirt)

  • Randy Nash (@RISK

  • Richard Bejtlich (<a href="
    shmoocon-2005-today-id.html">Tao Security) - author of Squil and
    The Tao of Network Security Monitoring

  • Seth Fogie (<a href="
    Security Weblog)

  • Buffalo Bandit (Buffalo Bandit's Blogtastic Blog)

  • Adam Shostack (Emergent
    ) (Shmoocon speaker and BOF organizer)

  • Crispin Cowan (Shmoocon speaker and BOF organizer)

  • Ben (<a href="
    +blog&hl=en">Electric Fork)


Should be an interesting con. Anyone else going? It's probably
pointless but I was thinking about rigging a 54G in the car to watch for
stumblers on the drive up (I'm more interested in "watching the
watchers"...). It's only a four-hour drive too.

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