Saturday, November 13, 2004

Yet more legal issues coming this way

The WTO has told the U.S. how to (I wanted to say "suck eggs" but...) run its internal affairs by ruling that the U.S. law banning online gambling is damaging to the Antigua and Barbuda economies. (Uh, when did the WTO become a legislative body?)

While it may be true that the law blocks the growth of that industry, I'm not so sure that passing the law damaged the economy. Rather, the law made online gambling within the U.S. illegal, forcing the sites to move out of the country, thereby creating the economy that is supposedly now endangered.

It should prove interesting what comes out of this and the upcoming attempt by the U.N. to "govern" the Internet, not only for the U.S. but for any country who'll have to give up sovereignty to participate. (Example: some of the things that I talk about here are illegal in Europe but inane here in the U.S.)

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