Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fsck'in moron!

The following is excerpted from comment spam created after the sender noticed that I'd disabled comments.

  name: video chat
  date: 11/13/2004 07:06:27
  title: video chat
  comment: Why my previous comments was deleted, how about freedom of speach?

My son learned the answer to that question at the dinner table, when he was 12. The answer? "I'm not the Federal government. So sit down and shut up."

Mebbe we should give lessons in U.S. law to overseas spammers so they don't sound so f*cking stupid when they ask questions? If there's any question, I did munge the url a bit to prevent him from getting any points with the search engines.

In answer to the first part of the spammer's question, it was deleted because it had absolutely nothing to do with the post it was attached to. Chingate cabron!

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