Saturday, October 2, 2004


I'm concerned that laws like this
get passed. The only thing that it does is make life just a
little bit more inconvenient for us law-abiding types. Those that trade
files illegally will continue what they're doing. Requiring an e-mail
address to download mail has been done by the more prominent legitimate
sites (e.g.: all along.

Now it's law that everyone do it.
Anyone else "get" California seems to think that they have jurisdiction
over technology and the Internet? Don't think so? Define "file
sharing". Poorly written laws tend to get enforced in extreme ways or
not at all.

The law is here. It doesn't say anything about P2P or any other specific manner of "file sharing". It only states that Californians have to disclose their email address when more than 10 people are involved. It doesn't say to whom they have to "disclose" an e-mail address to. Under that badly defined law, if a left coaster provides CC or GNU licensed matter on their website, they have to provide a legitimate e-mail address.

I wonder how spammers will react to a new vector for address collection.

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