Thursday, October 14, 2004

CircleID Blog

I've added the CircleID feed to my bloglines
subscriptions, finding it after Liudvikas pointed
out Paul Vixie's vent <a href="

I tend to agree with Mr. Vixie, having been a BIND ad
min for close to a decade and luckily I've never had a break-in. The inclu
sion in the SANS Top 20 looks suspicious, after the fact. A conflict of in
terest, or at least the appearance of one seems to be the case at this time

This is the sort of thing that any organization whose livelihood is bas
ed on integrity and knowledge. Could it be that SANS has had a brush with
what most organizations suffer (at least periodically) once they reach a ce
rtain size? What I'm talking about is politics in an a-political organizat
ion. That's the nice way of saying it. The ugly way of saying it is perso
nal agenda's, one-up-manship, cliques, character assassination, and/or fact

Then again, I could be overly paranoid. I just find it suspiciou
s that the only alternative to BIND that was suggested is the one which suf
fers from the same type of purist politics as the Windows vs. Linux purists
. (There, have I angered everyone yet?)

Remember, security requires good
programming and good administrative practices. Liudvikas, thanks for the
new feed.

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