Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Cracking HowTo

Here is the
process that hackers more or less take to break into systems. For those
of you that are considering using this process, consider that law
enforcement is getting better at tracking down hackers.

Also, some of
the data in that "howto" isn't exactly accurate. Example: l0pht is now
a commercial business with gov't ties. Example: cDc lost their "key
players" years ago and are now a forum for anti-goverment vents.

you must hack, do it to your own systems. Learn what it takes to clean
up after a system has been broken. Learn how to locate the bad code.
Learn how to analyze the bad code. Start analyzing other people's
break-ins (search Google for "Scan of the Month"). Figure out where
your strengths are and shore up your weaknesses. Become an expert, not
a convict.

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