Friday, July 30, 2004

How things jump up and bite you in the *ss

Lately, blogging has received some degree of "respectability" by being
used by politicians and mainstream media. It wasn't that long ago that
we saw mainstream articles which described blogging as self-referential
rantings of socially misfit narcissists. I think/hope we may see a
similar "occurrence" with the Wikipedia.

The Register seems to have
taken a dislike to the Wikipedia, calling it a children's encyclopedia (one of the nice comments).

Warning to The Register: what you're not seeing is: distributed collaboration on distributed servers. Given that "it" includes current events and internal commentary, this has the potential to sneak past mainstream notice and become the next "big it". Especially if someone can figure out a way to "specialize" and come up with something similar to topics (like blogging has "flavors").

Having contributed to the Hitchhiker's Guide (back in the Usenet News days), I like the idea of having the Wikipedia (although I haven't been involved much).

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