Sunday, July 25, 2004

GPS Coke X-Ray

is so dumb, it's almost funny. (Slashdot also posted about it.) Seems
that "security people all over the country" think it looks like a bomb.
I've got news for you, small transistor devices like PDA's and iPod's
look a bit like that too. Makes me wonder who those "security people"
are. It's probably that security "concern" is interpreted by the media
as "security panic", instead of equating to "need to inform/be

I'm not saying that there shouldn't be "concern" if someone
travels commercially with one of the cans in their luggage. It's just
that they should "declare" it as part of the check-in process. There's
a reason why the TSA people require you to remove your laptops from
luggage. I've gotten into the practice of also pulling out any other
"dense" electronics. It saves time. (via
WiFi Toys)

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