Sunday, November 9, 2003

Push back

I'm joining the posse a bit late in the game but

"I sick and tired of it and won't take any more!!"

What am I ranting about? Comment spam.

Jeremy, Chris, Adam, and duemer have all vented on this topic and have had varying levels of success in fighting back.

Kalsey Consulting has also posted a howto entitled "Cutting Comment Spammers Off at the Knees" and a "Manifesto".

And before you think this is a small group of people, try looking at:

In response to the comment spam here, I'm brushing up on my tracking skills and have added the fine print at the bottom of the main page. (Hey, spam is illegal here in Virgina! Be glad I'm only asking for $100.00!!)

[With apologies to those on the receiving end of the trackbacks; this has a lot of links in it.]

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