Sunday, November 30, 2003

Anti-honeypot Tool

Read about this on the Honeypots Mailing List...

Seems that the spammers developing tools of their own. First the anti-spammer groups set up honeypots whose objective was to tie up and/or detect spam sources. The spammers have responded with "Send-Safe, a honeypot hunter.

I especially like the wording of the product description:

Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter is a tool designed for checking lists of HTTPS and SOCKS proxies for so called "honey pots". "Honey pots" are fake proxies run by the people who are attempting to frame bulkers by using those fake proxies for logging traffic through them and then send complaints to ones' ISPs.

"Attempting to frame bulkers" indeed. If you're using resources other than your own to spam the planet, there's a problem. "Attempting to frame bulkers" gives the impression that you have a legitimate right to other people's systems. That phrase should read "Attempt to catch resouce thieves". If I catch you using mine, I'm going to do my darnest to make your life hell.

Funny part about it is that they want $299.00 for the program. Must be no honor amongst thieves?

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