Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Corporate Schizophrenia?

It's a busy couple of weeks for Microsoft news. Both good and bad. Enough so that reading them all together may give the impression of corporate schizophrenia:
  • Could it be that they finally get it? Just a little bit?
  • They also want to do some buy and kill, especially after Google pulled a fast one.
  • Why won't they learn that shouldn't promise stuff a trade shows? Anyone else remember the super-fantastic backup technology that Microsoft promised at a Comdex? Funny, Veritas and friends are still around. (The super-fantastic Microsoft backup robot isn't.) That and tablets have already been declared dead.
  • Bill also use Comdex to announce new anti-spam tools. I really hope that Bill didn't use the word "spam" as Hormel might get a little pissed that the worlds (sometimes) richest man is attempting to profit off of the name of one of their products.
  • Meanwhile, pundits punditted that this would put other anti-spam products out of business (yeah, just like IIS and Active Directory did?)
  • Meanwhile, Steve was in Japan, making promises of better security while spreading FUD about open source products.
  • Microsoft has put a "bounty" on the heads of malicious code writers, specifically two evil-doers.
  • The "discussion" over those bounties is only a couple insinuations above a name calling contest
  • Users are a bit less than pleased with Microsoft's new patches
  • and yet two more exploits that use port 135 were made public along with another vulnerabiltity in Microsoft Exchange.

Thanks to: Slashdot, The Evil Empire, HelpNet Security, Computer Cops, Insecure.org Lists, HackInTheBox, eWeek, InfoWorld, ThinkComputer

Side note: Sorry this is showing up on Tuesday. I'd meant to post it on Sunday but it took this long to pull all of the MS-related stuff off of the spike.

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