Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running misc. stuff on the GoFlex

It started as an effort to reduce the house power bill and has grown a bit. The home server draws some serious power and coverts a lot of it to heat (nice in the winter, not so nice in the summer).

I've been playing with various low-end devices (access points, file servers, etc.) to see what's usable. The one that appears to be the most useful (so far) is a converted GoFlex Home, which now runs a variant of Arch Linux.

It's currently running Apache, PHP, and MySQL, supporting TT-RSS (a RSS feed aggregator/reader), two instances of SemanticScuttle (a bookmark manager)(one for short term storage, the other for long term), and a copy of PmWiki. I'm looking to add OwnCloud, BIND (DNS), WOL (to wake up the big server), knockd (for remote access), and some soft of XMPP aggregator (Bitlbee, maybe?).

So far, it seems to be holding its own, even though it's a little slow in presenting the Ajax interface for TT-RSS. The one thing that I did have to do in support of this was to add a swap partition to beef up the memory.

I'm still undecided if I should host the main wiki on the GoFlex as it has more active content on it than the GoFlex likes (I tried it). Maybe move the active content to it's own page on the big server and post the more-or-less static stuff on the GoFlex? It has a 2TB drive attached to it so it'll at least have a backup copy of all of the kruft that I've gathered since I first started messing with computers in '84 (yeah, CompuServe/pre-Internet days).

Update: Putting the big wiki on the GoFlex didn't work well as there's just too much extra code running in the background (status monitors, presence indicators, etc.).

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