Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to open the PogoPlug (v4) case

Not that you'll need it for anything, but if you're ever interested in opening a version 4 PogoPlug, use the following steps:

  • On the bottom, peel back the two rubber feet which are closest to the jacks. The adhesive employed will allow you to stick them back on later.

  • Remove both screws

  • Use a spudger or similar tool to pry the base from the case. Note: the most obvious seam (the one that runs from above the jacks on the back to below the logo on the front) is just decorative. The base piece is only about a quarter-inch thick. Looking at the PogoPlug from the side, try putting the spudger into the tip of the pointy part. (picture below)

  • Work the spudger around the seam. You'll hear various clicks as plastic tabs release (note: some will likely break). Continue working the spudger until you have the case open.


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