Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yeah! Wut?

Either Alec Saunders is completely ignorant about his former employer or he's playing at being a troll. His post entitled "Microsoft's Contribution Was TCP/IP" lacks a serious amount of "clue". Actually, the TCP/IP stack was "borrowed" and then implemented poorly.

I think that by using the phrase "by ensuring a relatively bug-free implementation of IP", it's a indication that Alec:

  • wasn't there,
  • was in marketing (and therefore ignored anything the programmers said), or
  • is just a clueless journalist

A little research shows that he was actually a director of marketing, meaning that (at best) he knew the features but not the bugs.

Windows 95 had a secure TCP/IP stack?! Buahahahaha....[**gasp**].hahahaha....

For some reason, Alec has no memory of the horrendous amount of crap and pain we (as network operators) went through in the late 90's and early 00's. Could there have been that much separation between the various MS departments at the time?

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