Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going too far...

It's days like today that I'm highly susceptable to offers for alternate means of connecting to the Internet (Verizon: this is a hint!). Here's the scenario: I got up early this morning, poured myself a cup of coffee, pulled up my email client and started wading through the backlog from the last two days. Upon finding an email from Rob, concerning a pending field trip, I decided to forward the field trip information to my work account so that I'd have the contact info to call and register for the trip. In response to hitting send, I received the following:

Okay, I was a bit miffed. However, I read the details of the error message and visited the site. It said that I could have the block removed by sending a copy of the message to I did so and received the following:

Okay, I'm now livid. The short version of the 5-minute screaming fit that I have in my head boils down to: Why are you filtering my outbound mail? Am I flagged as being a spammer because I send 5-10 messages per week?

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