Saturday, June 16, 2007

SlimServer + Cidero == DSM-320 Streaming

In playing with a really old DSM-320 that I've repeatedly neglected to throw out, I figured out how to stream my own media to it without having to run Windows and D-Link's MediaServer:
  1. Install the Java Runtime Environment.
  2. Download Cidero and install it as per site directions.
  3. cd into the db/radiodb/AllStations/ folder.
  4. Choose one of the files and copy it to SlimServer.xml.
  5. Edit SlimServer.xml. The "res" line is the only important one. It should read something along the lines of
  6. Delete any other "res" lines.
  7. Check the file permissions. Make sure that SlimServer has the same owner and permissions as the other xml files in the same directory.
  8. If Cidero is already running, kill it. (Stopping and starting from the main menu does not work. Kill the binary.)
  9. Fire up SlimServer.
  10. Start Cidero and find the SlimServer entry (you probably should customize the other data in SlimServer.xml to make it easier to find)(or delete some/most of those other radio stations).
  11. Use Cidero to tell the DSM-320 to start playing the stream (you have to choose the feed, select the renderer, add the feed to the renderer's play queue, highlight the line in the renderer's playlist, and hit the renderer's play button).
  12. Go check your DSM-320. It should be playing whatever's being passed through the SlimServer.

Notes in the wiki shortly.

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