Monday, June 25, 2007

Cidero XP

Chet prompted me to try out installing Cidero on the XP platform. It's a bit involved but not very different from the Linux install. Here's my notes:
  • Downloaded CideroApps_windows_1_5_3.exe (the first one on the list)
  • Tried to run it. Got prompted to install a suitable JRE.
  • Went to Sun and downloaded the "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6u1" (online install version)
  • Installed the JRE ("Typical Setup")
  • Ran the install tool for Cidero (used default settings)
  • cd'd into C:\Program Files\Cidero\db\radiodb\AllStations\
  • Copied AmpedOut to SlimServer
  • Right-clicked on SlimServer and chose "Open with" and Notepad
  • In the dc:creator and dc:title lines, changed "Amped Out" to "Slimserver"
  • Changed the dc:description content to "Joat's Slimserver"
  • Changed the URL in the dc:relation line to
  • Changed "x-scpls" to "mpeg" in the first res line
  • Changed the bitrate from 16384 to 8192. 16384 is for playing 128kb streams, 8192 is for 64kb streams. Most of the podcasts I listen to are 64kb. You can add additional res lines for different bit rates but it might be a good idea to identify them with different names (you'll probably need separate playlists on the Slimserver also)
  • Changed "" to "" in the first res line
  • Delete the second res line
  • Saved the file and exited Notepad
  • Started RadioServerProxy from the Start menu
  • Started MediaController from the Start menu
  • Under Media Servers in the "Cider UPnP A/V Controller" Window, click on CiderRadio
  • Under CiderRadio, click on the little toggle next to AllStations
  • Under AllStations, click on the toggle next to SlimServer
  • Click on "Slimserver - MPEG/64k" (this will add it to the right-hand window)
  • Assuming that your DSM-320 is turned on, it should show up in the "Media Renderers" window as "My Media Player" (if you didn't change the default setting on the DSM-320). Single click on that to bring up the player window.
  • Back in the "Cidero UPnP A/V Controller" Window, under the Music Tab (right hand side), single click on the Slimserver entry to highlight it
  • Click on the "Add Tracks to Play Queue" button. This should add Slimserver to the playlist in the "My Media Player" window
  • Click on the Play button in the "My Media Player" window. You should see the timer start counting.
  • Make sure your Slimserver is running. Point a browser at (or whatever the IP address is where you installed the Slimserver software.
  • There should be an IP address in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Make sure that it's the IP for the system where you installed Cidero.
  • Choose a music source in Slimserver and add it to the MusicPlayer playlist by clicking on the little play button next to your selection.
  • Click on "Play" under "Music Player".
  • If the counter in the Cidero "My Music Player" window is incrementing and you don't hear any sound, wait a minute or so. There will be a 5-10 second delay between hitting play and hearing sound. If the no-sound situation persists, make sure that something is in the Slimserver playlist and that the IP address for the computer where you installed Cidero is installed.
  • Don't forget to bring up the Slimserver web interface, select your computer's IP in the upper right window, add music/podcasts to the playlist (bottom right) and click "Play" under "Music Player"
  • Go see if you hear any music coming out of whatever the DSM-320 is hooked to.

I'll do a short video on this (like IronGeek) if anyone's interested.

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