Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another wave

Speaking of crypto advancements, did anyone catch (or miss) the story about Intel coming out with an 80-core chipset? That'll use less power than my porch light? You think the crypto-geeks have problems now? Wait until multi-Tflop systems can be purchased via the average credit card. Keep in mind that many current crypto systems are considered trustworthy because of the amount of computing time required to break a specific key. A lot of the low-end algorithms will "disappear". The math field should be quite interesting to watch in the next decade.

It'll affect a lot of other markets too. Grass-roots media (you guys in the garage) will be able to homebrew clusters for animation that are more powerful than what exists in big iron or animation cluster farms now. Coupled with high-def and other technologies, wired life is going to get weird. Fast.

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