Sunday, September 17, 2006

The rest of GoogleMaps

Just noticed that GoogleMaps now goes elsewhere. (Hint: zoom out)
Question: what is out in the middle of what appears to be a man-made body of water, hidden in some trees, at the end of a finger of land, the entrance of which is blocked by a large, fenced-in building which appears to have had the city limits "adapted" so that the entire design is part of Moscow-proper? I don't speak/read Russian and I'm assuming that's what is indicated by:

Update: That site appears to be at the end of a railroad spur, complete with station (to the southwest of the building), looks like it has it's own horse-barn (to the northeast of the building), and is at the end of a canal (from the building off to the north-northwest) that goes nowhere (follow it!). Note: Ignore the "Ekeren, Belguim" part. That's an artifact from the original search.

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