Sunday, September 3, 2006

It's the little things

I snagged a Formosa RC107 (pic below) out of the clearance bin this weekend. While I was looking for one with a laser pointer (for presentations), the mark-down on the thing was enough to cause me to grab it. I think that a combination of missing CD, open package and physical size caused whomever was doing the mark-off to label it for $10. (It normally goes for $40 or so.)
In any case, the bad news is that it's not supported under lirc. The good news is that Ben Chadwick has a "Linux replacement" (his words) for the remote control app. Even though his pictures are different than what I'm holding (mine uses a PCMCIA card form factor), I have hopes that his program can be adapted quickly if it doesn't work outright.
Wish me luck.

Update: Just for info, this is sold/rebadged under the following names (AFIK): CompUSA, eDio, Formosa, and Trust.
Update II: Whoever the actual manufacturer is of this thing, they should give their case designer a pay raise. It has the P/N for the battery embedded in the molded platic battery cover (not something I see much, esp. on Chinese-made electronics).

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