Friday, March 3, 2006


Things I've noticed from multiple trips in the recent past:
  • No matter how big you think the airport is, there's one larger, elsewhere (Dallas, Denver and O'Hare so far)
  • The size of the rental car you drive should match your own car as closely as possible
  • eat food before you get on the plane but limit fluid intake until after your arrive (I won't explain that)
  • no matter how much extra space you leave in your suitcase, you'll always not have enough room to bring everything back
  • What's considered polite in one location can be extremely rude in another (I won't explain that either)
  • I have a serious Starbucks addiction
  • You can get jet lag from as little as a one-hour time difference
  • The TSA should be empowered to pull people out of line and force them to bathe prior to boarding (there's a difference between long-distance sticky and long-distance slimy/greasy)
  • And finally, if you show up the suggested two hours early, the flight will inevitably be delayed at least two hours.

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