Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shmoocon - 23 March 2007

We actually made good time getting here (less than 4 hours). We're actually staying at a pretty nice hotel in Bethesda, MD and taking the train in. It's actually a much nicer hotel than the 5-star Wardman Park Marriot and we're saving $150 per night.

Caught J0hnny Long's talk on "No Tech Hacking". As usual, it was worth seeing. (Dave bought the DVD the next day.)

It's old home week at Shmoocon. The usual Shmoo's and non-Shmoo's are here. (Shouts to Telmnstr, Count, Remad, Jeff W., Rob, Squidly1, Hurd, and anyone that I've missed so far.)

I think that this Con is a bit of a let down after the previous two. This one suffers a lot from timing as the hotel is under construction and the restaurant has been moved into where us lay-abouts would normally take up space on the lobby furniture (i.e., a lot of the chattering has been moved into the bars up the street). Syngress did not show up (no books this year) and the WiFi vendor didn't bring any Bluetooth gear (what I was hoping for). I did get a new card and a fistful of adapter cables though...

In any case, I'm having fun catching up with people I haven't seen in a year and trying to not overdose on the Starbucks.

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