Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Note to self

Stay in bed next year. Pull the covers up over your head.

Valentine's Day this year was a display of how far people are willing to stress their systems in pursuit of profit. The $50 in roses that I ordered arrived on time, wilted. (They did not improve when we recut the ends, replaced the water and added bloom booster.)(My roses are nicer but my wife likes the order-out stuff for V-day.) Thank you FTD and DHL. (FTD no longer delivers. They outsourced that to DHL).

We didn't want to go out for dinner (too many people... wait times, even for reservations, are excessive...) so I decided for Fazolli's take out. The drive through was closed so I had to go in. I should have noticed that the restaurant was full of people that weren't eating. (They were waiting on take out.) The obsessive manager had taken over the pickup window and had driven all other employees away from there. He was mixing up orders, throwing out order slips, and throwing out plates of food when it didn't match what he thought was the current order. That store definitely did not make a profit tonight. In any case, it took 40+ minutes to get food at what is normally considered a fast-food place.

On the way home (on a back road), a truck took out a telephone pole, pulling two others down also. I had to backtrack two miles to the previous intersection and then take a detour which added another 15 minutes to the trip. Oh, did I forget to say that the truck was a delivery truck?

Note to self: Next year, stay in bed. Don't come out until the Ides of February.

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