Friday, January 13, 2006

ShmooCon 2006, Day 1

Due to traffic and having to re-arrange next week's schedule, I arrived late and missed the opening comments by Bruce Potter and Dan Geer's keynote. Was able to find a parking spot (finally) and unpacked the car.

For the first session, I sat in on "Behavioral Malware Analysis Using Sandnets" by Joe Stewart from LURHQ. It's an interesting approach, using real machines (as opposed to virtual) that are instantiated via scripts and dd. It's the Internet that is virtual and before-and-after snapshots are diffed to see what the malware changed.

The "Asterisk: VoIP for the Masses" by Damin was a bit basic (for me). I went back to the arcade and took some pictures (viewable tomorrow).

For the last lecture of the day, I sat in on "The Church of Wi-Fi presents: An Evil Bastard, A Rainbow and a Great Dane!". In short, if you're using WPA-PSK, change your SSID's often and don't base 'em on dictionary words. Renderman also pointed out or demo'd a few tools that I didn't know about and am interested in experimenting with.

All in all, a good start to the con.

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