Monday, January 23, 2006

Richard Betjlick

Richard has a good synopsis of what he saw at ShmooCon. Reading the comments are worthwhile too.

In answer to the question about taking the Metro, I can't. Hanashi took me on a nickel tour of the local metro station (yeah, you can call me a n00b tourist) and the thing that sticks in my mind the most is that second escalator. Combine my bad eyes/feet/knees with the non-perpedicular seams in the cement walls, the encline, and the fact that the handrails were moving at a different speed than the stairs and my thoughts were: It'd be painful to fall off a step. I wonder if anyone has?

Given the distance traveled, I imagine that falling from the top of the up escalator to be much worse (there's further to go). Next year, I'll have to try taking a picture.

Update: Oh! Thanks for the book, Richard!

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