Thursday, November 24, 2005

I finally get it!

Microsoft's Office 12 product looks like it's going to be a pretty slick product. After a "first look", I like it.

However, I could have gone without the marketing approach that the Redmond Dog & Pony Show used. They seem to have taken a page from the Presidential Race strategy guide, where you say little about what you can do and verbally deride all of your competitors.

The part that struck me as a bit odd was about interoperability, a point which they stress repeatedly when talking about the Office 12 product. It's taken me almost a month, but I think that I've finally figured out what they meant by the term: they're not talking about platform interoperability, they're talking about interoperability between Office 12 products! [*sarcasm on*] Now there's something new. [*sarcasm off*]

Just call me "slow" this month.

Microsoft almost "gets it". They've said that they're going to allow others to "use" their document format via a free license. The only restriction appears to be "with attribution to Microsoft". What "attribution" means may be a sticky point in the future. I need to find a copy of the EULA and license agreements they're using.

Update: Is this a case of schizophrenia? How can something be patented and open source at the same time? Seems that the open source format has been submitted for patent in certain countries... This will be interesting to watch as it unfolds.

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