Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dangerous Jokes

Everyone should steer clear of the "<a href="
story=20051112154004597">Nothing joke". The joke has been stretched
so far that when it does fail, Nothing will be funny.

Nothing is
sacred. According to the theory of relativity: Nothing travels faster
than light, Nothing existed before the Big Bang and Nothing can have
negative mass. In the real world, Nothing is perfectly symmetrical and,
for most of the time, Nothing changes.

When you're sick: Nothing
tastes good, Nothing is interesting and Nothing really matters. Then
again, Nothing is better than sleep to help you get better.

A lot of
parents end up sending their kids to college to learn Nothing. Many of
those students think that Nothing is harder to learn than Calculus. If
those students learn Nothing, their parents tell them that they're good
for Nothing.

That's about it for the puns. (I'm hiding Nothing.)
Please contribute Nothing to further the joke.

SCO: you started this!

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