Monday, September 19, 2005


Are some people are entirely too paranoid? I find the idea that eavesdroppers can figure out what you're typing after 15 minutes of eavesdropping, while technically possible, just a bit over the top. Things like this, while feasible in the lab, tend to be impractical in real life.

In any case, for you tin-foil hat people, here's a list of countermeasures so the black helicopters don't get you:

  • Never use the same computer for more than 15 minutes
  • never use that computer in the same location
  • construct a "glove box", with sound dampening material, to contain the keyboard (helps block those evil shoulder surfers too!)
  • Intersperse a significant amount of random letters in your text and then go back and remove them with the mouse
  • purposely mispell your "Letters to the Editor" to throw off the statistical analysis (it won't change the Editor's opinion of you any)

Can anyone else think of any? (heh)

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