Friday, September 2, 2005

No op

Nothing much to talk about today. I'm just getting back up to speed
after taking a certification test two weeks ago. Except for a few
posts, you've been reading from my backlog. The test was so rough that
it put me "off my feed" for the better part of two weeks. Tonight is
the first time that I've typed (non-work-related) for more than 5

The test was horribly convoluted, the questions poorly
worded, and overly rationalized. I got the feeling that they were
testing more for the ability to pick the question apart rather than for
problem solving or knowledge.

And, yes, I did pass. Just don't ask me
to say anything nice about the course or the certification. I don't
feel that anyone, having passed the exam, has accomplished anything.
It's ironic that the certification is promoted as one of the leading
accomplishments in the field. The course and test bank strongly needs
accreditation by an external entity.

Note: this is not the
certification that I talked about last weekend.

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