Friday, September 10, 2004

Let's call a duck a duck?

Multiple mainstream news sites picked this up
and ran with it. Yeah, they are security problems, they're just not
Linux holes. LHA originally showed up on the Amiga and also runs on
Windows, FreeBSD and all (I think) of the commercial Unixes. Imlib can
be run on Linux, FreeBSD, and even Windows (under Cygwin). So how does
something that isn't part of the Linux core end up being a Linux

This sort of thing does everyone a disservice (yeah, even the
Windows purists) as it just feeds the never-going-to-be-settled TCO
campaign that the purists on both sides wage on each other.

Me? I'm a
mutt. I'll use what ever is available and can get the job done. I've
helped build/run two NOCs on very tight budgets.

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