Saturday, September 11, 2004


For me, one of the nice things with switching to Blosxom is the ability
to write simple plugins. I had a lot of trouble writing anything for MT
but Blosxom plugins seem to be very easy.

In any case, I've been
jealous of the acronym-in-a-title thingy over at Cox
. To make the story shorter, I adapted Fletcher Penney's
AutoLink to make AutoAcryonym. If an acronym is in the file and in a
post, it will put a dotted-underline under the acronym and if you hover
the mouse over it, a "tag" will pop-up with the acronym

Oh, almost forgot, if you also borrow from Cox Crow's
style sheet, you can get the cursor to change to one with a "?" next to
it when you hover over one of the acronyms. (Exercise left up to you to
steal from Cox Crow's or my style sheet for the syntax.)

Here's an


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