Monday, March 1, 2004


Here's one from Slashdot about GoogleDorks, a term which denotes the inept type of person that exposes data that he/she shouldn't have. (Then again, various media have defined GoogleDorks as the miscreants who abuse exposed data.)

Searching for this kind of thing is a weekly routine for me (I work for a very large organization and there's a need to keep various information "internal"). Understanding how to narrow searches is a must if you use a search engine on more than a passing basis. Learning how only involves a few minutes of reading (this too). Sorry, for those of you old enough to remember, I was the AV geek in middle school (yeah, I'm old enough to have operated a mimeograph too).

Yes, it can be used for evil but it's the responsibility of the data owner to secure their data. And before you say anything, that is NOT a justification for anyone to exploit exposed data. If you discover exposed data, the only thing you should do is report it to the owner. Using it for any other purpose is, at best, unethical unless that data endangers others or is illegal. In that case, there are other organizations to report to.

In any case, GoogleDorks is a Google listing of various sites that are interesting/educational to read, evil not withstanding.

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