Saturday, December 6, 2003

Am not! Are to!

I've lost a "fanboy" from being too abusive?

It seems that beaumonday thinks I pick on Microsoft too much. Acutally, if you read REAL close, I pick on everyone who thinks that any one operating system is the way to go. (Do I need to repost my point-and-click administrator rant again?) I'm a firm believer in the-best-tool-for-the-job and know-the-technology-behind-the-gui.

I provide a lengthy response.

Just so I can alienate everyone and level the playing field, out of the box:
  • Microsoft Windows is insecure
  • Linux is insecure
  • Unix (SunOS, BSD, Irix, AIX, Xenix, etc) is insecure
  • Cisco/Foundry/Bay/etc. is insecure
  • Novell has problems (actually, they had the highest rating by the gov't prior to adding in IP capabilities)
  • and the OS that you may be writing has *SERIOUS* problems.

However, when used in conjunction, they can provide a very secure network for your users.

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