Monday, August 18, 2003

Tom Clancy Needs a Break

I stood outside in the August heat for two hours today, waiting in line to get my copy of Tom Clancy's new book "The Teeth of the Tiger" signed by the author. By the time I stood in front of his table my back hurt, my feet hurt, and I had the beginnings of the dehydration migraine pounding on the top of my head.

As bad as I felt, Mr. Clancy appeared even worse, looking like he was on the low end of a three-day hangover. Turns out this is the third city in as many days in as many states that he's had signings in and he's due at another one most of the way across the country tomorrow.

Tom, talk to your publisher. Get them to schedule days off every other, or every third day, so's you can sleep in. You looked like crap today.

Thanks for the autograph though.

For those wondering, it's another Jack Ryan novel, chronologically early in Jack's life. I've read four chapters already and my wife is hinting that it's past bedtime.

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