Saturday, August 16, 2003

It's your fault too!

I've been reading various sources concerning how backbone providers have minimized the effects of the Blaster worm and the complaints their customers are making because of those measures.

For God's sake people, Exchange/Outlook was designed to be a LAN application, NOT an Internet application. If you've got to access your e-mail over the Internet and just gotta have MS-based clients, use the POP or IMAP protocols. Even better use the SSL-based versions of those protocols, or use OWA or a VPN.

Using a standard Outlook/Exchange configuration opens you to problems such as the Blaster worm.

Analogy: Tractors. Tractors are designed for driving back and forth across your property, doing heavy chores like plowing, bailing hay, or "spreading" manure. They are NOT designed to be taken out on a four-lane highway to get you from point A to point B. You not only run the risk of getting killed when the engine explodes, you inconvenience every other user of that four-lane and most likely anger local authorities.

Take a close look at how you do business and drop me into the Thoroughly Disgusted category.

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