Thursday, May 29, 2003

Oh my aching head!

Didn't know whether to file this under "Okay, I'm being silly", "Boneheaded Doings", or "Crime & Punishment"

Uhoh, thought processes slowing! Eyesight getting cloudy! Let me see if I can get this out straight:

SCO is suing IBM for promoting Linux over Unix while selling it's own version of Linux and is thinking about suing Linus for copyright infringement while owning neither copyright or trademark. Somewhere in there, they sold a license to Microsoft which they weren't allowed to sell? Which Microsoft denies was purchased to support SCO's legal fees?

Oh, and what is now the SCO Group used to be known as Caldera who at one point had sued Microsoft for unfair competition for crippling attempts to run IE on DRDOS which at one point was owned by Novell? And that the documents used against Microsoft in that lawsuit are being shredded by the SCO group even after a court order from Sun (because Sun has their own antitrust case against Microsoft)?

Meanwhile there's hints of SCO suing everyone? (Trivia: Where'd Microsoft's original TCP stack come from?)

Is that right? Ouch. brain hertz!

Oh, and can I get my money back from SCO/Caldera if I return the disk that contains that screwed up desktop scheme (so's I don't get sued by SCO/Caldera for owning the d*mn thing!)?

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